Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Error Booting CentOs in VirtualBox - FATAL: INT18: BOOT FAILURE

Tonight, I tried to install CentOs in VirtualBox VM. I didn't find any problem with installation until the first reboot on which the system told me:


If this happens to you, be sure to check if the installation media (the cd-rom or the dvd-rom) is still present in the CD/DVD player device. You have to remove it.
It appears to be a known issue with VirtualBox, since a bug #2680 opened 4 years ago and still unresolved.

Finally, have nice time with the GREAT CentOS 6

Good Bye :-) 

NB: this solution can be applied for the CentOs' brothers , Fedora, Redhat, Enterprise Linux, ... ;)

EDIT: An additional solution 

Hans de Raad

3 weeks ago  -  Shared publicly
You could also press F12 on booting and select booting directly from the virtual harddrive. Also works.